External Storage

In July 2008, Clear had an unencrypted lap top stolen at the San Francisco airport. The lap top was found several days later in the same room it disappeared from, but due to this mishap the TSA suspended Clear's enrollment process. The company was advised to ceases the use of any unencrypted computers and secures all computers until encryption was installed. While Clear would not advise us of their external data storage facilities or encryption process, they did emphasis to the researchers that the meet or exceed any regulations put forth by the U.S. Government. They take data security seriously, and most information is encrypted twice. Clear officials did advise that their servers are backed up several times during the day and that personal information data was kept at external storage facilities for security and safety purposes.

Possible External Storage System



Seagate Technology Inc.:

Founded in 1979, Seagate Technology is a leader in designing and manufacturing storage solutions for the enterprise, desktop, mobile computing, consumer and retail markets. (Wikipedia, 2009)


NetApp, Inc.:

Founded in 1992, it has become a leader in computer storage and data management. The company has been credited with the widespread adoption of network-attached storage (NAS) architecture as an alternative to storage area network (SAN) architecture. (Wikipedia, 2009)


Hitachi Data Systems:

According to their web site Hitachi 'offers a complete portfolio of storage systems, and NAS subsystems to optimally consolidate your storage infrastructure and provide best in class availability and performance to meet diverse business needs.' (Hitach, 2009)


Quantum Corporation:

Founded in 1980, Quantum is the leading manufacturer of tape drive, tape automation, data duplication storage products and scalable file storage software. Ranked 2nd behind Seagate as a manufacturer of disk storage. (Wikipedia, 2009)

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