Verified Identity Pass, Inc.

The main company behind Clear which provides biometric system solutions for airports, airlines, travel agents, and business travelers in the United States. This is how the Clear applicants are pre screened and provided with a card that allows them to access designated airport security fast lanes. Its card system grants members expedited security screening at various venues, including airports, office buildings, and sports arenas.


General Electric:

Developed the innovated technology for Kiosks development. They are the main provider of advanced security equipment, which include the EntryScan, Itemiser FX and ShoeScanner.


Lockheed Martin:

Systems integration and biometrics database. Provider of secure data transmission services, which prevents employees from transmitting personal information via email where it can be hacked. Lockheed works on behalf of the United States government and helps to update Clear’s systems by Homeland Security several times per day.



Kiosk hardware and software maintenance at airport locations. Clear stores customer information separately in various locations. Credit Card information used for purchase of program is stored on one server, and backed up in by Siemens


Panasonic System Solutions:

Provides Clear the necessary technology for the Iris scanning. Clear utilizes Panasonic's BM-ET330 Iris Reader at all of the airport Kiosks.


L-1 Identity Solutions:

Provides comprehensive services to ensure that all enrollment and verification operations are supported by industry-leading components and services. Their specialty is facial recognition systems, electronic passports and other biometric technology. They are responsible for kiosk development (hardware and software maintenance) and airport setup by constructing various kiosk services. Clear's partnership L-1 provides solutions to Clear for protecting and securing personal identities and assets.



Developed the software for passenger enrollment and verification along with L-1 Identity Solutions.


Palm Coast Data:

Clear's web hosting and maintenance partner. They are responsible for the customer account database which contains information necessary for Customer Service purposes only.

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