IT Environment

Latest Technology

Clear utilizes the latest IT technology available to them. Together with their corporate partners, they strive for excellence in this area. They are currently working on developing the technology for shoe scanners in order to minimize the time it takes passengers to remove their shoes, have them scanned and then put them back on.

Human Resources

With the rate of growth that Clear has seen, and the demand for people to travel nationally, Clear's HR department will soon need their technology re-vamped. Their direct SAP professional contact will need to ensure that their server/software can handle an increase in Clear's customer base, as well as with their counterparts.


Clear will need to continue monitoring all aspects of how their business runs. As it grows they will need to analyze and act upon any changes that will be necessary for them to handle such change. While the SAP system provides them with a quantatative analysis, HR will need to expand its office into more locations with a larger quantity of staff that can determine qualatative analyses that will go along with the numbers determined with SAP. Having these two entities work together will create a strong force to handle positive change.

Risk Factors

Risk Mitigation


Part of the enrollment in Clear's program requires members to complete basic biographical information online. This can be done in advance of arriving at the airport on member’s personal computers, or once at the airport on a laptop which is located at the Clear enrollment booths. Because Clear is required to collect personal information via their web site, they have developed an Online Privacy Policy

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