SAP is the primary software database used by Headquarters to maintain records, track employee payroll, file reports, check the status of accounts and completely control daily processes of Clear. Included in this software is the capability to keep records of accounting information, employee scheduling, and other forms of necessary communication.

Human Resources runs with two people from the NY office. They're responsible for payroll, accounting, scheduling, and daily functions of HR management.

Advantages: Open/direct communication, double checking and cross checking of all work
Disadvantages: Consolidation of knowledge, absence creates risk & inefficiencies, high potential
for human error

Point Sec system for scheduling- auto pay

Advantages: Automatic payments alleviate time spent by HR,
Disadvantages: Time changes are manually changed, creates potential human error,

Windows operating system

Advantages: Easy to use, constant updates, excellent customer support and service,
Disadvantages: Inconsistent behavior, changing interface with every version

Individual email set up

Advantages: Constant communication flow, easily accessable,
Disadvantages: Hackers, server disruption causes effectiveness


Risk Management

In order to protect members from identity theft and from experiencing fraudulent activity, Clear has decided to stay loyal to the following:

  • Off-site storage and emergency operations
  • Storage of biometric information and system integration data at Lockheed Martin
  • Information is located on various servers and backed up daily with various storage facilities
  • Expired memberships are destroyed after 90 days
  • Clear is required to hold on to credit card transactions for 24 months Only templates of the fingerprint are stored in the system
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