Hardware Infrastructure

Hardware Infrastructure Diagram

Clear would not reveal their hardware infrastructure, however the above diagram yields a representation done based on the information gathered. We would assume it to look like this.



Clear utilizes Secure Registered Travelers Kiosk developed by GE Security Division of General Electric Co. The kiosk integrates quadruple resonance and trace explosives detection technologies with biometric identification functionality to create a solution built specifically to support Registered Travelers Programs. A second generation Kiosk will have the ability to scan shoes and the people wearing them for any trace of explosives via the kiosk system. GE has developed the technology, they are awaiting TSA approval. If cleared by the TSA, Clear members will not have to remove their shoes as they pass through security, a common practice required by the TSA at U.S. airports today. The entire security check process will take 20-30 seconds.


Fingerprint Scanning

Only templates of the fingerprint are stored in Clear's system. This means that Clear only takes a digital representation of the specific points on the finger and does not store the fingerprint image itself. Since the template only holds information about points located on the fingerprint, the original image cannot be recreated.


Iris Photo

Clear uses the BM-ET330 Iris Reader from Panasonic System Solutions Company. The Iris Reader has been deployed at Clear kiosks at airports around the United States as part of Clear's airport security fast-pass system.


Lap Tops

Clear utilizes Dell lap tops at their airport locations. Each lap top has a biometrics log on and multiple encrypted passwords for employee usage. The information which is collected on these lap tops is encrypted and transmitted to a Clear storage processor. With in minutes of the on line applications completion the information on the lap top is destroyed.



Clear would not reveal the exact server which it utilizes, however the HP AlphaServer GS1280 system would be a comprable system that would meet Clear's needs. According to HP's web site, the AlphaServer is 'the ultimate computing platform in telecommunications, business intelligence, business applications, high performance technical computing and server consolidation…' (HP, 2009)


Data Storage

Clear did not reveal its method of storage of the personal data it collects from its members. They emphasized that they do not keep Social Security numbers in the same storage facilities as they keep other personal information which is necessary for customer service. An example of the type of storage which Clear might use is the HP Business Class Tape Library which is currently being used by various divisions within the Federal Government. According to HP's web site, The Business Class Tape Libraries is scalable, reliable, easy to grow and manage, allowing Clear to expand as its business grows.

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