Privacy and Compliance

Privacy and Compliance

Checks and Balances

Neither Clear or its Partners will use or sell customers data for any reason

  • Encryption of all information related to its members when stored or in transit.
  • Social Security numbers are stored in a separate facility and device from the personal information which may be needed for customer service issues. There is an extra layer of encryption to ensure the protection of members Social Security numbers.
  • Secure Data Base where Clear stores all biographical information to provide stellar customer service and so that Clear can re-issue cards as necessary for clients.

To ensure that Clear is following its Privacy and Fair Information Practices Policies, the company has adopted the following safeguards:

  • Independent Audit: To provide an independent professional and technical review of Clear’s compliance with its Privacy and Fair information Practices Policies, including data security procedures, they commission an annual outside audit from the independent public accounting firm of Grant Thornton LLP . This includes privacy audits of any Clear Subcontractors who are collecting or maintaining data and all results are made public. In February 2009, Grant Thornton issued an independent audit which stated that Verified Identity Pass maintained effective control over personal information collected via its Clear Registered Travelers Program.
  • Annual Privacy Report: The Chief Privacy Officer conducts a yearly privacy and data security report which is presented to Clear’s CEO and Board. This privacy report and any steps to be taken are available to Clear Members.
  • Identity Theft Warranty: Clear has a strong effective measure in place to protect the security of the limited personal information they collect. In the highly unlikely event that information is stolen from Clear or its subcontractors, they will reimburse any otherwise un-reimbursable monetary cost directly resulting from such Identity theft. Clear will then, at its own expense work towards restoring the integrity of the members financial or other accounts.
  • Privacy Ombudsman: An independent outside privacy ombudsman, Law Professor Paul Schwartz, UC Berkeley Law School. Hired by Clear to deal with member complaints objectively and impartially. He is empowered to investigate all privacy complaints, gather facts, and respond to members, as well as post responses on Clear’s web site.
  • Notice of Unauthorized Acquisition of Personal Information Clear is committed to promptly notify all customers whose information may have been acquired with out authorization. Clear will also notify the TSA.
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