Online Privacy Policy

Part of the enrollment in Clear's program requires members to complete basic biographical information online. This can be done in advance of arriving at the airport on member’s personal computers, or once at the airport on a laptop which is located at the Clear enrollment booths. Because Clear is required to collect personal information via their web site, they have developed an Online Privacy Policy

Clear's Online Privacy Policy

Role of the Clear Website:

Clear's web site provides information about the services which Clear provides and how these services are important in today's airport environment. The web site details how the system works, who Clear's partners are and the services they provide. The web site also has detailed information about the application process.

Anonymity for Casual Visitors:

Clear's website does not collect personally identifiable information from visitors to the site. Casual visitors are given complete anonymity.

When Visitors Ask for Further Information:

If casual visitor request further information, Clear does keep their e-mail address in an Online Contacts File, where they will send updates about the company. There is an 'opt-out' feature to these updates at anytime.

We Never Sell or Give Visitor Information for Outside Marketing:

All identifiable information which Clear obtains from visitors to their web site is used exclusively by Clear. They will never sell or give visitor personal information to any third party for marketing uses.

Future Development of the Website and Privacy Policy Changes:

Clear is still a young company and it expects to grow. They expect to add expect to add features to their web site; however they are committed to follow the Online Privacy Policies they have established.

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